Mathematics and Sport

Mathematics and Sport is an event organized by Moxoff, PoliHub and the Department of Mathematics – Politecnico di Milano.

The event is an opportunity to discuss the state of the art of mathematical modelling applied to sport: from the study of individual technique, to the analysis of opponent strategies, from the simulation and optimization of technical movements to the applications on playgrounds.

During the meeting, Moxoff will present SeTTEX (Second Touch Tactical Exploration), an app for the world of volleyball, developed by Moxoff in collaboration with Yottacle and some important national teams and volleyball clubs




Prof.ssa Manuela Grecchi, Vice Rector, Politecnico di Milano

Application of mathematics in sports: 

Prof. Piercesare Secchi, Direttore del Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Milano


  • Andrea Giani, Blu Volley Verona e Nazionale Maschile Slovenia
  • Dario Dalla Vedova, Istituto di Medicina e Scienza dello Sport, CONI
  • Ottavio Crivaro, Moxoff
  • Stefano Mainetti, PoliHub
  • Luca Monti, Power Volley Milano, Associazione Italiana Allenatori Pallavolo

Claudio Galli, Sport Commentator

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