Moxoff engineers customised manufacturing process optimisation systems that integrate advanced statistical models, neural networks and mathematical models with the aim of creating predictive maintenance, quality control and production process optimisation systems.

By identifying any process related problem, through to the development and application of the most suitable mathematical models to solve issues for different industries, Moxoff brings together engineering, mathematical and data science skilled teams.


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Virtual prototyping in the engineering process

Standardise the engineering process and be able to create the layout of a new plant in the shortest possible time.

Moxoff has developed a specific algorithm that supports companies in the quotation process by providing rapid cost evaluations based on the company’s past quotations and new outputs to evaluate new business scenarios.



+ Time reduction

+ User-friendliness

+ More efficient process

Production scheduling optimization

Improving production processes, reducing machine downtime, optimising production times and reducing delivery delays.

Moxoff has developed an streamlining algorithm that enables fast and effective scheduling of processes in compliance with the required criteria.

+ Reduction in machine downtime

+ Reduction of planning time

+ Increased competitiveness

Mathematical applied to liquid packaging machinery

Improving the package forming and filling stages in a packaging system to preserve package integrity and filling accuracy.

Reduced mathematical models were applied to the filling and packaging process of liquid bricks.



+ Time reduction

+ Smart-Integration

+ Forecasting

A mathematical evaluator for the large-scale plant design

The need to automatically estimate the types and quantities of materials required for a new project.

Developed an estimator that allows the total quantities of materials needed for the project to be calculated and provides details of the different parts and types of materials of which the overall plant is composed.

+ Quick quotations

+ More accurate planning

+ Greater estimating accuracy

Early warning to identify and manage product defects

To provide customers with quality household appliances and guarantee fast and reliable after-sales service and maintenance at home.

Moxoff has developed a fault prediction tool that can predict which component and when a fault is likely to occur.



+ Reduction of detection time – 50%.

+ Speeding up root cause of problems (from days to minutes)


Monitoring the performance of energy cables

Increasingly reliable and controlled monitoring of the existing performance of installed cables.

Moxoff has developed a tool that allows real time monitoring and automatic detection of anomalies.

+ Reduction of intervention times

+ Automatic monitoring

+ Flexible technologies


Mathematical estimator for made-to-order valves

To respond with an accurate quotation in the quickest possible time.

Moxoff has developed data-driven models to estimate, for each component, both the costs associated with raw materials and with all the processes involved, from assembly to final handling.



+ Rapid quotation

+ Design support


Mathematical models for optimising process quality

Automated reporting of any potential system problems to minimise the risk of producing low-quality cables.


Moxoff has provided mathematical modelling tools to support engineers in monitoring, predicting and improving all aspects of the manufacturing process that affect product quality.

+ Reduced analysis time

+ Improved quality

+ Reduced environmental impact cost

Remote monitoring of household appliance operation

Ensuring an efficient and timely maintenance service.


Moxoff has developed a tool to continuously and automatically monitor the functioning of household appliances.



+ 50% expected breakdowns

+ Accuracy


Optimization of the warehouse management


Automating and improving the process of allocating a company’s products to its retailers worldwide to ensure buyers’ satisfaction, without affecting the entire supply process.

Moxoff has developed such an algorithm that allows the customer to allocate products in a very short time.

+ Automatic allocation

+ Reduction of allocation time