Moxoff has got the expertise in the development of complex mathematical algorithms and AI systems to support healthcare and medtech companies. With a multidisciplinary team dedicated to life sciences, Moxoff has been implementing advanced technologies to increase the diagnostic accuracy of medical devices and equipment from ultrasound and CT scans to mathematical reproduction of the functionality of human organs and tissues.


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Market analysis for anti-flu products

How to best plan marketing campaigns to meet changing scenarios, behaviours and consumer needs.

Moxoff has enhanced its demand forecasting systems with AI, creating a solution that can also take into account unforeseen and external factors to the historical market trend.

+ Reliability and Flexibility

+ Customised simulations

+ Planning support

Mathematics to choose the most suitable protesis

Product specialists needed many hours to choose the most suitable prosthesis for each patient.

The creation of an algorithm to support surgeons in choosing the best prosthesis for each patient.

+ Customizable choice

+ Time reduction to a few seconds

+ Increased probability of success

Working with Algorithms for Diagnostic Imaging

The occurrence of lesions on images is not always obvious and their detection requires great care and expertise from the radiologists.

Moxoff has developed an algorithm to automatically detect the presence of possible anomalies in diagnostic images to be submitted to the radiologist for subsequent, more accurate evaluation.

+ Greater accuracy

+ Sharing of expertise


Diagnostic imaging and mathematics for data-driven therapeutic decisions

The aortic dilatation size alone, without taking into account the other data provided by the CT scan, is not a reliable parameter for determining the risk of aneurysm rupture.


Using mathematical modelling of data already present on CT images of the abdominal aorta, it has been possible to obtain more objective results on the status of the abdominal aneurysm and its progression.

+ Optimization of TC information

+ Prediction of disease progression

Data science for hospitals

Performing effective and timely decisions on patient distribution in healthcare facilities.

Moxoff has developed a solution to optimise the patient flow within the hospital.

+ Optimization of patient flow

+ Daily flow system