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MOXOFF develops successful solutions for customers in various industrial sectors through the use of mathematical, numerical and statistical models, and concretely implementing the transfer of knowledge and technology between the world of scientific and business research.

Responding adequately to the needs and expectations of its customers, focusing on their satisfaction with the services and solutions offered is therefore the main objective of the Quality Management System implemented by MOXOFF in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

To this end, the Management undertakes to:

  1. Formulate process performance indicators and define the related quality objectives;
  2. Valuing people who with their skills contribute to the achievement of quality objectives and customer satisfaction;
  3. Constantly keep the focus on the main objective and commitment towards its customers: the transfer of knowledge and new technologies to support the innovation process;
  4. Pursue the continuous improvement of its processes and its quality management system.

To achieve these objectives, the following operational strategies have been decided:

  1. Develop and structure a continuous synergy between the world of research and the business world;
  2. Implement a continuous training process that favors the development of knowledge and the professional growth of their people;
  3. Create a partnership relationship with its customers in order to better interact and get the most out of the projects carried out jointly;
  4. Always keep the tools, software and technologies of your work environment at the forefront;
  5. Identify, research and manage the mix of transversal skills necessary to better respond to the needs deriving from different industrial sectors;
  6. Prepare tools and processes for controlling the quality level of its services and products with the aim of evaluating methods and results and allowing continuous improvement.

All staff, including external collaborators, are informed and encouraged to operate in accordance with this Policy in order to achieve the set quality standards.

The Management in compliance with the guidelines indicated, ensures the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Company Quality Management System.

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