Mathematics to choose the most suitable protesis

In close collaboration with the client company, which manufactures customized therapeutic solutions for orthopedic prosthetics, Moxoff has created an algorithm that can support surgeons in choosing the best prosthesis for each patient.

Description and Benefits

Prior to Moxoff’s intervention, , the choice of the most suitable prosthesis for each patient required many hours of work by product specialists. However, the choices were limited to a few dozen possibilities which differed in shapes and sizes. The algorithm developed accurately analyzes the characteristics of the specific patient, proposes to the surgeon the most suitable solutions and suggests to the doctor precise indications on the parameters of the prosthesis’ implantation, significantly increasing the operations’ probability of success.

Collaboration between algorithm and human experience

In the knee surgery field, there are several surgical procedures that can be adopted. However, the final word is at the discretion of the surgeon.Moxoff’s algorithm interacts with the specialist, giving the latter the possibility to choose the surgical technique that he/she believes to be best for each operation. In return, it determines the choice of the most suitable prosthesis. The choice process is therefore more efficient and adaptable to the individual patient.

  • Customizabile choice, the number of choices and customization of the prosthesis have both considerably increased
  • From hours to seconds, thanks to the support of the algorithm, the time required by specialists to choose a prosthesis is shortened
  • Increased probability of success, the probability of success of the operations is increased, due to the targeted choice of the prosthesis’ size, combined with the personalized definition of the optimal implantation parameters