Mathematical models to optimize process and product quality

Thanks to Moxoff’s collaboration with a world-leading cable manufacturer, specialized mathematical models have been created to support technicians in the management of production plants.

Description and Benefits

Together with the customer, Moxoff created the Predictive Quality project. The goal is to provide mathematical modeling tools that can support engineers in monitoringpredicting and improving all aspects of the production process that affect product quality. In order to monitor production lines and machinery in real time, Moxoff solution was to create a web application. This app does not only facilitate the analysis of process engineers, but also collects feedback and indications from the user, to allow a process of continuous improvement of the algorithms that identify anomalies. The Predictive Quality project started from some plants mainly dedicated to cables in the telco sector and is now extending to the production of energy cables as well.

  • Reduced analysis time, the user-friendly application speeds up root cause analysis thanks to customized visualizations
  • Improved quality, potential problems are automatically flagged by the system, identified in minutes, and can be resolved in advance to minimize the risk of producing low-quality cables
  • Reduced cost and enviromental impact, minimizing the production of defective cables to be discarded makes production more sustainable as well as more economical