Optimization of the warehouse management

For a multinational company operating in the manufacturing sector, Moxoff has carried out a project with the aim of automating and improving the process of allocating products in the warehouse to its worldwide dealers.

Description and Benefits

The manufacturing process can last several months and it all falls on the supply chain team that not only has to deal with the daily allocation of products, but must also ensure the satisfaction of buyers, without affecting the entire supply process. Moxoff has formalized all this in mathematical terms and developed a software that, through optimization algorithms and distributed computing, allows to perform the allocation in a very fast time. The mathematical algorithm that has been developed has become so indispensable for the customer and for the supply chain team and allows to:

  1. Manage a large amount of products and orders
  2. Make calculations simultaneously, during allocation processes, as well as octopuses use the eight tentacles differently simultaneously.
  • From 8 hours to 3 minutes, the time to run the allocation has been drastically reduced
  • Performance optimization, after entering the objectives and all the constraints, the algorithm can prioritize the most profitable market areas
  • Automatic allocation, objective and traceable allocation criteria guarantee transparency to clients