Real time monitoring of energy cables health status

The company is one of the most important instrumentation suppliers for the energy and telco sector.
In this field, it is very important to monitor the health status of installed cables in an increasingly reliable and controlled way. To satisfy this need,Moxoff has developed a tool for the automatic detection of anomalies.

Description and Benefits

During the various phases of their life, from production to installation and use, energy cables are subjected to a series of compressions and elongations. These stresses can, over time, damage or weaken the cables. For this reason, in some cases internal sensors are inserted to detect the state of strain. These sensors produce useful data and information on the cables’ state of health.
Prior to the company’s collaboration with Moxoff, the analysis of data from the field was done manually, requiring a very long time. Thus, a user-friendly application was developed to support experts in the data analysis phase.
Moxoff therefore developed an easy-to-use application to support experts in the data analysis phase.
This software, moreover, permits a real time monitoring that allows to reduce considerably the time between the occurrence of the event and the consequent intervention: all thanks to a series of automated algorithms that highlight potential states of warning or alarm.

  • Decrease of intervention time, it is possible to monitor the cable health status and prevent possible failures through automatic data analysis
  • Automatic monitoring, KPIs related to the cable history are always updated
  • Flexible technologies, the system can be configured both for on-site use with the physical presence of operators as well as for remote monitoring and identification of anomalies