Remote monitoring of household appliance operation

A major European multinational that designs and manufactures household appliances has asked Moxoff to create a tool that can monitor, in real time, the operation of the appliance. A tool capable of predicting when a fault will occur and which component of the appliance will be damaged.

Description and Benefits

For the company, it is essential to guarantee an efficient and punctual maintenance service. Their modern washing machines are IoT devices that, during operation, send a significant amount of information about the technical characteristics and status of certain sensors, (water temperature, pressure, motor speed, user-chosen wash setting) to be stored in the cloud. Moxoff has therefore developed a tool capable of exploiting this considerable amount of information, allowing a continuous and automatic monitoring of washing machines’ health status. Through this instrument it is possible to guarantee a quick and efficient maintenance service, avoiding subjecting the machine to excessive stress that could lead to more serious damage.

Thanks to the results obtained, Moxoff has created an algorithm that allows the customer to offer an additional service to its customers, better schedule the interventions of repair technicians and optimize the supply of spare parts.

  • +50% of expected failures detected, failure prediction allows to intervene on the appliances well in advance
  • Accuracy, less than 10% false positives
  • Continuous improvement of new products, new insights into field operation and how users enjoy them