Virtual prototyping in the engineering process

An important company that deals with the design and construction of automated systems for body shells painting in the automotive sector had the aim of standardizing the design process and being able to create the layout of a new plant in less time. J-Design was born from the collaboration.

Description and Benefits

Before the intervention of Moxoff, the designers of the company relied on complex computations made on several spreadsheets disconnected from each other and difficult to read.

Moxoff’s innovations, combined with the knowledge and experience of the company’s employees, gave origin to J-Design: a software platform for virtual prototyping, based on a customizable mathematical model. Accessible from a web app in cloud architecture, it encourages faster and more concrete collaboration within the Geico team.

Moxoff’s work consisted in a series of improvements to the thermo-fluid dynamics models underlying the sizing of the plants, which uses a modular approach to dynamically manage the very different layouts.
Then, Moxoff implemented a design workflow, faithful to the original engineering approach, but standardized and user-friendly, allowing numerous configuration parameters to be set. The cloud implementation makes design more accessible, efficient and collaborative.

  • Time reduction, thanks to the web interface that immediately returns the performance indicators, it is possible to evaluate the project effectiveness
  • Ease of use, the user-friendly platform makes the process more automated and organized
  • More efficient processes, J-Design is a true example of benefits introduced by the strong digitalization of processes, one of the fundamental pillars of the transition induced by the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0)