Anomaly detection in olfactory sensor signals

Detecting the spread of a disease in a farm at an early stage can bring numerous benefits. The use of special olfactory sensors, capable of generating a large amount of data, combined with ML and AI algorithms allows for the construction of systems that can support the farmer in the optimal management of hygiene policies.

Description and Benefits

Moxoff’s solution has made available to both the end user (breeder) and the domain expert (data scientist) the necessary tools to intervene in a timely manner when a disease is spreading on the farm through an algorithm-based alerting system for the detection of anomalies.

Thanks to the rapid implementation of the software, the customer was able to immediately deploy this technology to allow to receive feedback from farmers useful to improve the core of anomaly detection refining it with new cases that, during the tests, they were acquired.

  • Real time monitoring, the data read by the sensors are made available to the Anomaly Detection algorithm and the web interface for monitoring by domain experts
  • Timely intervention, farmers can react quickly to contain the spread of the disease
  • Improvement of hygienic conditions, thanks to the messages generated automatically by the system it is possible to improve the hygienic conditions of farms