Television Programming Support

An important Italian radio and television broadcaster has entrusted with Moxoff the realization of a decision support tool that helps out the channel managers in planning the schedules.

Description and Benefits

During the creation of the schedule, the channel manager has to manage multiple factors in order to decide the best placement of the content in it, in order to maximize audience ratings.
They must take into account all the scheduling constraints, the broadcasting rights available for each content, the target audience of the various time slots etc…
The tool Moxoff has developed supports the channel manager, producing an ordered list of titles that considers all the constraints. This content ranking is then used as input in an optimization model that, based on the expected performance and the different airing criteria, provides the optimal schedule for a time period of interest as a result.

  • From hours to minutes, the time spent on schedule creation and planning has been drastically reduced
  • Efficiency of rights, thanks to the optimization algorithm, it is possible to make the best use of the rights on the available content
  • High profiling, content not yet included in the schedule is automatically classified by theme and affinity with the broadcaster’s networks