Forecasting in natural gas logistics

Moxoff has supported a leading company in the energy sector in a project to upgrade its forecasting tools for different market clusters

Description and Benefits

Gas logistics is generally governed by management systems that allow to constantly control the balance between supply and demand. According to the new regulatory scenarios, gas suppliers are required to estimate, every day, the next day’s consumption, in order to allow the optimal balancing of the network. Together with the company, Moxoff has created a gas demand forecasting model, based on machine learning, neural networks and ensemble techniques. The tool can predict in detail the consumption of customers, allowing a better management of the portfolio.

  • More reliable decisions, the company’s choices can be based on updated and reliable information, due to a significant reduction in the gas demand forecasting error
  • Savings on imbalance charges , accurate forecasting reduces imbalance charges
  • Navigabile dashboard shows data for accurate gas demand estimation in an easy way