Making forecasts to optimize the electricity grid management

The mission of one of the European leaders in the management of electricity transmission networks, is to keep the network always balanced and in optimal operating conditions. The collaboration with Moxoff has resulted in an algorithm capable of producing accurate forecasts. These predictions support operators in making prompt and effective grid management decisions.

Description and Benefits

Guaranteeing the perfect functionality of the network is a critical mission that requires continuous operational choices, both in response to exceptional events as well as for maintenance activities. Lacking a system that allows sharing of each single operator knowledge, the decisions’ effectiveness depends exclusively on the degree of experience of the field operators. The electrical network is a complex system that generates a lot of data, which can be collected and historicized.Moxoff has analyzed the available data, developed mathematical models capable of identifying the significant phenomena, and implemented a forecasting system to support the operators in taking the best decisions.

  • Early Action,operators can react in time, thanks to long-term forecasts
  • More reliable decisions, percentage error in power transit forecast versus actual has been reduced to 15%
  • Interpretable forecast, not only the forecast of the current transit value is available, but also the interpretation and weighting of which phenomena generated it