Mathematical models to reduce customer churn rate

In synergy with one of the main operators of the free market of electricity and natural gas, Moxoff worked to understand the causes of churn, i.e. the rate of abandonment by customers, and allow customer service to implement targeted actions of prevention and refinement of the offer.

Description and Benefits

In an increasingly competitive market, knowing the causes of customer churn is vital. For this reason, we have analyzed all the data available to trace the hidden factors not yet detected by the customer. Once the customers at greatest risk and the potential causes of abandonment were identified, the operator was able to implement targeted retention actions.

  • More effective retention actions,Customer care has more targeted information available to direct its activities
  • Objective and data-driven analyses, the insights extracted from the data have made it possible to identify the reasons behind customer churn and to objectively quantify the impact of each issue
  • Increased quality of the service offered, possibility to design the offer on the specific demands of the consumers